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Software development

creation and maintaining of programs and applications

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Mistakes I made in code reviews and what I do now

I recently came across these tweets from David K. Piano about code reviews. It reminded me of comments I used to make while reviewing pull requests a couple of years ago: Reorder imports by grouping t

Building apps with Next.js and MongoDB

Tutorial teaching how to integrate a MongoDB database into a Next.js application.

How to set up PostgreSQL on Mac OSX

This tutorial teaches you how to set up, configure, and use PostgreSQL on macOS. By the time we are finished, you will: Have a running PostgreSQL 9.5.4 instanceKnow how to create and manage databases

12 Things Every Junior Developer Should Learn

Rhymes created this useful list of things junior developers should learn: Learn how a relational database works (this is always useful)Learn how HTTP works in generalLearn how to debug code in one lan

Numbers in Ruby

There are a few types of numbers available in Ruby. Let's see some examples: fruits = 10 lottery_prize = 42000000 price = 4.20 expression = 1 + 2i fraction = Rational(1, 3) precise_price = BigDecimal(

Data types in Ruby

When we're creating a variable in Ruby, we're also assigning a data type to it. For example, when we write something like this: car = "Tesla" We're actually telling our program to create a varia

Collection of free public APIs

Great collection of free public APIs to use on your project.

How to declare variables in Ruby

Variables are values you can declare to use later. For example, let's say we want to save someone's name in our program. We can do it by declaring a new variable: name = "Nikola Tesla" In the exa

What's the scope of a local variable in Ruby?

Understanding a variable's scope is important to know when it's going to be called and what values can be changed. You can have a variable with the same in different places of your code but its valu

How to find a variable's type in Ruby?

Sometimes it might be useful to know what type a variable has. Because variables are just objects, you can use the method to get its class (or type): > name = "Da Vinci" > name.class => String > p