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Remote work

Remote work allows people to work from anywhere in the world. Some companies are all-remote (no central offices). Others are remote-first (they're distributed but they still have an office).

There are also companies that are remote-friendly. Most people work in the office but they allow occasional work from home.

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How Gumroad benefits from remote work

Sahil Lavingia, founder and CEO of Gumroad, wrote a thread on Twitter to explain how his company is benefiting from remote work. They also have a public wiki. All communication is thoughtful. Because

Myths about remote work

Traditional companies are always trying to find excuses for not allowing their employees to work remotely. Let's see some of those myths: Lack of innovation There's a common belief in the corporate wo

How to evaluate a remote job

Even though some companies say they're remote-friendly, remote-first or all-remote, they all operate differently. When applying for a job, you should be able to evaluate how much remote they really ar

Benefits of working remotely

Let's discuss here some of the benefits of working remotely - and why now it's the best time to get started. Productivity Working at the office is distracting: interruptions, endless meetings, and an

Synchronous vs Asynchronous communication

In traditional companies, communication happens : everyone is working at the same time and employees are interrupted all the time. Your day is split into several chunks of 15, 30 minutes. This makes h

Companies working remotely

Let's list here some of the companies working remotely and how they approach remote work (all-remote, remote-first, or remote-friendly - see the difference): All-remote companies are companies where

How to deal with time zones while working remotely

When working on a globally-distributed team, dealing with time zones might become an issue. Companies deal with this problem in different ways. Let's cover here what they do. If you have a different a

Best practices for managing a remote company

Managing a remote company is different than leading a traditional organization. It requires more organizational skills, openness, transparency, and trust in your co-workers. The way you run things is

How ESPN plans to save millions on broadcasts

ESPN uses new technology to utilize a smaller and more dispersed production crew to broadcast the MLS games. They're hoping to save millions of dollars each year through streamlining its production pr

The surgeon who operates from 400km away

Doctors are controlling scalpel-wielding robots in real operations from afar. Is this the future of surgery?