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Zoonk is a free, open-source website because we believe knowledge should be free. When you share your knowledge, you’re improving other people’s lives.

There are many ways you can teach something on Zoonk: from creating lessons to explain a subject you know to sharing a course or article you found interesting.

See below how to get started:

Many people don’t know how to start learning something. Help them by creating lessons. Here are some of the things you can do:

Check if other people have created chapters for undefi. If they haven’t, then start by creating the first chapter yourself. Create an introduction to start teaching your favorite subject.

Every chapter supports up to 20 lessons. You can create new lessons or improving the existing ones. Zoonk is collaborative: anyone can improve existing lessons.

In school, we usually memorize information to pass exams. But we learn better when we see practical examples of how things work.

Zoonk has a “real-life examples” section where you can show how things work in everyday life. For example, why learning about undefi is important for them? Help them understand how this subject is relevant in their lives.

Share real-life example

A good way to teach something is by sharing personal stories and experiences. Do you have an interesting point of view aboutundefi? Then, share it with other people! 🤓

Do you remember a cool link or reference someone shared with you? Then, share it with other people and help them find the best sources about undefi.

Have you completed a course that helped you learn something? Then, help other people to learn it too! Share a course about undefi.

Did you read an interesting book about undefi? Don’t keep this finding to yourself. Others might benefit from reading this book too. Share a brief summary of your book explaining why it might be interesting for those who are trying to learn more about undefi.