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Organization undertaking commercial, industrial, or professional activity

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Onboarding for remote companies

Onboarding is a challenge for every company but remote ones might find it even more difficult than traditional organizations. Onboarding is different than a traditional orientation. It's a continuous

Examples of handbooks from remote companies

Onboarding is a challenge for many companies. Remote organizations often create a handbook to help during this step. A handbook should be a single source of truth for your company. A place where your

Spend more time onboarding new hires to retain them

Ron Carucci, co-founder and managing partner at Navalent, explains the importance of properly onboarding new people to your organization. The onboarding process involves three dimensions, according


is a book everyone starting a company should read. It's a light, fast read that will give you insights about how to run a business. However, doesn't follow the business playbook. From their website: