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How Basecamp designed Hey, their new email service

Jonas Downey explains how Basecamp built their new email service, Hey. Basecamp design lead, Downey was one of the first people to experiment with what would eventually become Hey.

Remote: Office Not Required

Working remotely is not just "working from home". It requires a cultural change. This book from Basecamp is an interesting guide about how to get started on working remotely. Some of the topics they c

How Basecamp pays salaries for remote workers

DHH explains how they pay salaries at Basecamp. There are no negotiated salaries or raises at Basecamp. Everyone in the same role at the same level is paid the same. Equal work, equal pay.


is a book everyone starting a company should read. It's a light, fast read that will give you insights about how to run a business. However, doesn't follow the business playbook. From their website: