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Non-obvious, obvious things about starting a startup

Adam Draper, from Boost.vc, talks about things that might seem obvious the second time you found a startup but they aren't when you're a first-time founder. First time founders focus on product, secon

Building hovercards on Ruby on Rails

This tutorial by Matt Swanson teaches how to build GitHub-style hovercards for your Rails application. It uses minimal JavaScript, relying on Stimulus and HTML-over-the-wire.

How to start a tech nonprofit

The Tech Nonprofit Playbook is a guide for social entrepreneurs to learn how to start and scale a tech nonprofit organization. This guide was created by Fast Forward, an accelerator of nonprofits usin

Questions to ask in 1 on 1s

Jason Evanish compiled an interesting list 101 of questions to ask in one on ones. According to him, "this list will help you make the most of each meeting and have a quick reference when you feel you

How Basecamp designed Hey, their new email service

Jonas Downey explains how Basecamp built their new email service, Hey. Basecamp design lead, Downey was one of the first people to experiment with what would eventually become Hey.

Building apps with Next.js and MongoDB

Tutorial teaching how to integrate a MongoDB database into a Next.js application.

Interactive exercises for learning Regex

RegexOne provides interactive exercises and practical problems for learning (and practicing) Regex (Regular expressions).

How to set up PostgreSQL on Mac OSX

This tutorial teaches you how to set up, configure, and use PostgreSQL on macOS. By the time we are finished, you will: Have a running PostgreSQL 9.5.4 instanceKnow how to create and manage databases

A free introduction to quantum computing and quantum mechanics

This material explains the basic principles of quantum computing and quantum mechanics, plus two applications: the quantum search algorithm and quantum teleportation. You'll need familiarity with the

12 Things Every Junior Developer Should Learn

Rhymes created this useful list of things junior developers should learn: Learn how a relational database works (this is always useful)Learn how HTTP works in generalLearn how to debug code in one lan