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Remote: Office Not Required

Created by Will Ceolin
Created on Mar 17, 20 - Updated on May 29, 20

Working remotely is not just "working from home". It requires a cultural change. This book from Basecamp is an interesting guide about how to get started on working remotely.

Some of the topics they cover in the book:

The time is right for remote work

  • Why work doesn't happen at work
  • Stop commuting your life away
  • It's the technology, stupid
  • Escaping 9 am-5 pm
  • End of city monopoly
  • The new luxury
  • Talent isn't bound by the hubs
  • It's not about the money
  • But saving is always nice
  • Not all or nothing
  • Still a trade-off
  • You're probably already doing it

Dealing with excuses

  • Magic only happens when we're all in the room
  • If I can't see them, how do I know they're working?
  • People's homes are full of distractions
  • Only the office can be secure
  • Who will answer the phone?
  • Big business doesn't do it, so why should we?
  • Others would get jealous
  • What about culture?
  • I need an answer now!
  • But I'll lose control
  • We paid a lot of money for this office
  • That wouldn't work for our size or industry

How to collaborate remotely

  • Thou shalt overlap
  • Seeing is believing
  • All out in the open
  • The virtual water cooler
  • Forward motion
  • The work is what matters
  • Not just for people who are out of town
  • Disaster ready
  • Easy on the M&Ms

Beware the dragons

  • Cabin fever
  • Check-in, check-out
  • Ergonomic basics
  • Mind the gut
  • The lone outpost
  • Working with clients
  • Taxes, accounting, laws, oh my!

Hiring and keeping the best

  • It's a big world
  • Life moves on
  • Keep the good times going
  • Seeking a human
  • No parlor tricks
  • The cost of thriving
  • Great remote workers are simply great workers
  • On writing well
  • Test project
  • Meeting them in person
  • Contractors know the drill

Managing remote workers

  • When's the right time to go remote?
  • Stop managing the chairs
  • Meetups and sprints
  • Lessons from open-source
  • Level the playing field
  • One-on-ones
  • Remove the roadblocks
  • Be on the lookout for overwork, not underwork
  • Using scarcity to your advantage

Life as a remote worker

  • Building a routine
  • Morning remote, afternoon local
  • Compute different
  • Working alone in a crowd
  • Staying motivated
  • Nomadic freedom
  • A change of scenery
  • Family time
  • No extra space at home
  • Making sure you're not ignored