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Questions to ask in 1 on 1s

Created by Will Ceolin
Created on Jun 24, 20 - Updated on Jun 24, 20

Jason Evanish compiled an interesting list 101 of questions to ask in one on ones. According to him, "this list will help you make the most of each meeting and have a quick reference when you feel your questions may be getting stale or you have a few minutes left in a one on one."

He covers the following categories of questions:

  • Short-term goals (5 questions)
  • Long-term goals (12 questions)
  • Company improvement (16 questions)
  • Self-improvement (11 questions)
  • Manager improvement (8 questions)
  • Happiness (14 questions)
  • Personal life (10 questions)
  • Team relations (14 questions)
  • Work habits (11 questions)