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Created by Will Ceolin
Created on May 14, 20 - Updated on May 29, 20

Creating content is a huge challenge. We can't just take the classroom content and bring it to Zoonk. Khan Academy already does a great job in that area. We can't just pile up information like an encyclopedia. That's what Wikipedia does very well.

So, if we already have Khan Academy and Wikipedia?

We need Zoonk because our educational system didn't change much since the Industrial Revolution (see our "Why is Zoonk important?" section). We need to:

  • Make easier for people to find good, reliable learning resources online
  • Help people understand how to apply their knowledge in everyday life
  • Provide a better understanding of how science works and why it's important
  • Provide practical content to allow everyone to have a better income
  • Create content that exercises critical thinking
  • Create content about diversity and why it's important
  • Translate our content to a simpler language to help "common folks" make sense of it
  • Make learning more fun and engaging
  • Ensuring our content is inclusive

How can I help?

Do you have an interesting insight, a suggestion, or anything you'd like to discuss Zoonk? Then, start a discussion in our forum. We praise openness and transparency, so we prefer all discussions to be publicly visible. However, you can always email us if you'd like to discuss something in private for any reason.

You don't need permission to start creating content on Zoonk. It's open. You can share:

  • A link you found interesting
  • A book you read
  • A course you enjoyed
  • An example of how something works in real-life
  • A question you have about a subject
  • Create a group for your community or project

Or teach a specific topic by creating and for it. When doing so, remember our challenges and goals above:

  1. Show how your content is applicable in everyday life.
  2. Explain why your content important.
  3. How is it going to help people in the real world?