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Making learning faster, easier, and applicable in real-life

Created by Will Ceolin
Created on Jan 16, 20 - Updated on May 29, 20

When I want to learn something, I usually start out by searching for videos on YouTube. Depending on the subject, I'll look for courses on Coursera, Udacity, edX, among others. Sometimes, I feel my core knowledge about a subject has a huge gap, so I head to Khan Academy or Wikipedia to fill that gap.

It's never easy. It's often time-consuming. And really distracting to keep all references and knowledge organized.

Many times, I also find really hard to understand real-life applications for a concept. That was even harder when I was in school: I felt I was just memorizing information to pass exams. I couldn't understand how the content I learned in school would help me to solve problems in the real world.

Making learning faster & easier

We have too many sources and too much noise when trying to learn something. Zoonk is trying to organize that information in one place: where you can find the best references about a subject, ask questions, collaborate and discuss your ideas.

But organizing everything in one place isn't enough. Sometimes, I don't even know where to start. That's why we're introducing on Zoonk.

Learning Paths are aimed to help guide your learning experience. You can create a path for organizing all steps someone has to follow to learn something. You can create a chapter for every step. From there, you're able to add relevant information for learning that topic.

We want to make easier for you to learn something - and faster to find good references for a subject.

Making it applicable in real-life

But our knowledge is worth nothing if we don't use it to solve problems in everyday life. That's why we're also introducing a section. We need to restore our curiosity to understand how things work. This way, we'll get more people interested in things like science and engineering, for example. Let's bring examples of how our knowledge can be useful in the real world to solve our society's problems.

Making it open

Organizing so much information is a huge task. It would be harder to do it alone and require lots of resources. It would cost tons of money and we wouldn't be able to make it free.

But . That's why we've decided that Zoonk should be free, open-source, and collaborative.

Anyone can create or edit pages on Zoonk. Just like you do on Wikipedia. If you have knowledge about something, share it with other people. If you know real-life examples about something, explain to the community.

Our source code is also available on GitHub. We want to make things as transparent and open as possible. If there's something we're doing wrong or we can improve, please tell us.

We need to make sure . For centuries, our educational system has just been like another brick in the wall. Let's break the wall and build a new education system for the 21st century.