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How to start a tech nonprofit

Created by Will Ceolin
Created on Jun 24, 20 - Updated on Jun 24, 20

The Tech Nonprofit Playbook is a guide for social entrepreneurs to learn how to start and scale a tech nonprofit organization. This guide was created by Fast Forward, an accelerator of nonprofits using technology to solve social problems.

It's divided into 15 chapters:

  1. The Beginning
  2. User research & user testing
  3. Nonprofit Judo
  4. Choose a business model
  5. Hire a social impact tech team
  6. Build a "tech for good" product
  7. Tech nonprofit fundraising
  8. Nonprofit boards
  9. Impact measurement
  10. Tech nonprofit marketing
  11. Public Relations for nonprofits
  12. Tech nonprofit administration
  13. Volunteers & Pro-bono support
  14. Sustainability: Partnerships & revenue
  15. Founder philosophy