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How to get started working remotely

Created by Will Ceolin
Created on Apr 29, 20 - Updated on May 29, 20

People who always worked in a traditional office have more issues getting used to working remotely. That's okay, you've always worked in the same way and now you have to change so many things in your workstyle. At the beginning, you'll only see the problems of remote work.

Let's cover some practical examples of how you can get started working remotely:

Dedicated workspace

When you start working remotely, it's common to just do it from the couch or even the bed. However, that becomes a nightmare if you're living with more people - especially if you have kids.

Consider having a dedicated workspace. It could a room in your house or getting a coworking space. Some companies provide an "office budget" for you to rent a coworking space or build your own home office.

Think about ergonomics

Ergonomics is very important in your workspace. Make sure you choose good equipment such as good chairs, desks, keyboards, headphones, etc.

Separate work from life

If you're working from home, you'll probably have a problem with context switch. It's hard to separate when the time for fun ends and when work begins (or vice-versa). It's common for remote workers to overwork. This might lead to them burning out.

It's important that you remind yourself (e.g. by setting an alarm) of when you should stop working. Managers should also pay attention to this to make sure employees aren't overworking. It's all about taking care of your co-workers.

Engage with people

Remote work can become lonely. You need to find other ways to engage with people. Make sure your company has an informal communication channel (e.g. using chat tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams, or even a Telegram group to send memes 😎).

Besides, use the extra time you're saving from commuting to find new hobbies or connect with families, friends, and your community. Do sports, learn how to play a new instrument, go to a bar. Whatever makes you feel happy. 😃

It's important that you don't stop engaging with other people.

Keep trying new things

Keeping a routine might be good to get you used to remote work but embrace changes too. If something isn't working well for you, try a different approach. Something that works for other people, might not work for you. Keep trying.

Think of this new habit as a product: you probably won't get it right in the first prototype but you'll keep iterating until you find the best way to make it work. Do the same with your new remote lifestyle.


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