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Caring about your co-workers

Created by Will Ceolin
Created on Apr 28, 20 - Updated on May 10, 20

Caring about your co-workers is essential for building up a culture whether they're remote or not. Fortunately, remote work makes it easier by increasing flexibility and reducing politics.

Let's cover here some of the topics you should consider to create a great remote working environment for everyone.

Paid time off

Context switch might be hard when you're working remotely. People might lose track of time and work longer hours. It's up to everyone in the team - but especially those in management roles - to give an example and watch out for possible burnout.

It's useful to send people reminders to take some paid time off. Tools like PTO Ninja can help with that. Even though many remote companies have an "unlimited paid time off" policy, some people still consider a taboo talking about it or even requesting some time off - especially those coming from more traditional companies.

Also, be clear and transparent about what to expect regarding paid time off. If you need some inspiration, take a look at GitLab's policy for paid time off.

Realistic expectations

Make sure you're setting realistic expectations for your employees or co-workers. Otherwise, you'll have a recipe for burning out your team and creating anxiety among them. Taking care of your team's mental health is very important.

PS. You can learn a lot about a company during the recruitment process. While interviewing for a remote job, make sure you ask some questions about how they work.

Do you have other insights on what companies and employees should do for having a better working environment? Then, edit this page or share a practical example of how your organization deals with this issue.