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When you're working at your company's office, you usually have everything set up for you to work well. It's easy to forget about that when working remotely.

Because it gives you freedom, it's tempting to just start working from the couch or even the bed. However, you need to think about ergonomics. Otherwise, your body might suffer in the future.

Some of the things to consider:


Make sure you have a desk that suits your needs. Consider buying a height-adjustable desk. Besides allowing you to work standing (good for your legs!), it makes easier for you to adjust the height according to your shoulders.

Some resources for finding good desks:

  • ErgoPlus: An in-depth overview of personal use business desks
  • Biomorph Desk: This site features some of the greatest desk designs you can get, at a reasonable cost
  • Highground Gaming: The desks on this list are certainly not just for gaming. The principles these desks are built on include ergonomics, comfort, and practical designs for living spaces.


You'll probably spend 1/3 of your day sitting, so take care of your back: consider buying an adjustable ergonomic chair as they can eliminate most of the pains we feel every day.

Remember that your chair must align with your desk choice, especially if you're using a keyboard or mouse. It's important that your arms are rested and bent. It's also good if it includes lumbar support to reduce wrist strain.

Some resources available for choosing a chair:

  • Worksite International: This article covers the topic of armrests and whether or not your chair should have them
  • Omnicore Agency: This article covers the most popular office chairs
  • Highground Gaming: tips for gaming chairs, which are usually high quality as gamers spend tons of time on them


Working from a laptop monitor might cause both neck and eye strain. Using a large monitor might reduce squinting and leaning, which will benefit your health.


If your working environment is noisy, buying some headphones will help you during your calls. The TechRadar has a list of good headphones for remote meetings.


Even though most computers have webcams, they're not always good. Consider buying a webcam with a versatile mount.

Office budget

If you run a remote company, please consider offering your employees a budget for building their remote office. It might seem expensive at first but it will pay off in the long-term.