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12 Things Every Junior Developer Should Learn

Created by Will Ceolin
Created on Jun 8, 20 - Updated on Jun 8, 20

Rhymes created this useful list of things junior developers should learn:

  • Learn how a relational database works (this is always useful)
  • Learn how HTTP works in general
  • Learn how to debug code in one language (it's pretty much the same in others, you can recycle most of the knowledge)
  • Be familiar with the command line
  • Know how to find code (either using your IDE or grep on the command line)
  • Knowing the basics of regular expressions will get you far (also to find code in the previous point)
  • Know how to find solutions using a search engine
  • Know how to operate Git
  • Ask questions, especially if you think they're not worth being asked
  • Learn how timezones work
  • Learn how unicode and utf-8 work
  • Have a general idea of how caching (CPU, in memory, disk, HTTP) works as a concept