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Mistakes I made in code reviews and what I do now

I recently came across these tweets from David K. Piano about code reviews. It reminded me of comments I used to make while reviewing pull requests a couple of years ago: Reorder imports by grouping t

Myths about remote work

Traditional companies are always trying to find excuses for not allowing their employees to work remotely. Let's see some of those myths: Lack of innovation There's a common belief in the corporate wo

Benefits of working remotely

Let's discuss here some of the benefits of working remotely - and why now it's the best time to get started. Productivity Working at the office is distracting: interruptions, endless meetings, and an

Synchronous vs Asynchronous communication

In traditional companies, communication happens : everyone is working at the same time and employees are interrupted all the time. Your day is split into several chunks of 15, 30 minutes. This makes h

Companies working remotely

Let's list here some of the companies working remotely and how they approach remote work (all-remote, remote-first, or remote-friendly - see the difference): All-remote companies are companies where

Best practices for managing a remote company

Managing a remote company is different than leading a traditional organization. It requires more organizational skills, openness, transparency, and trust in your co-workers. The way you run things is

Informal communication

Great remote companies have channels for where people can about . GitLab advocates for companies to be explicit about informal communication. This means creating channels and practices to encourage

Best practices on video calls

Even though video calls should be the last resort, they're necessary sometimes. It's important to understand the best practices and video conferencing etiquette. Mute your microphone You're in the mid

Building culture is about actions

Building culture when working remotely is a challenge and it's often an excuse to avoid remote work. However, many companies don't understand what is culture. You'll often see executives giving free b

Remote Manifesto

GitLab was one of the first companies advocating, supporting, and sharing resources about . They've created the Remote Manifesto, inspired by the Agile Manifesto and this post from Giles Bowkett about