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Zoonk is a free, open-source website for sharing learning resources. We want to make easier for everyone to learn something new and understand how to use their knowledge in everyday life.

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Why is Zoonk important?

Our much since the Industrial Revolution. We're just memorizing information to pass exams. That's why : they don't understand how to apply school-based knowledge to everyday life. We're already seein

Design at Zoonk

We don't have any designers on our team. So, we're using Material UI as the default library for our projects. Logo & icon Our logo was created by Everton Teixeira. [Download - Logo] [Download

Our content

Creating content is a huge challenge. We can't just take the classroom content and bring it to Zoonk. Khan Academy already does a great job in that area. We can't just pile up information like an ency

How can I contribute to Zoonk?

Zoonk is free and open-source because we believe education is a human right: it should be free and accessible to everyone. We need your help to reach our goals. You can help out by improving one of th

Communication & social media

Our communication policy is to be as much open and transparent as possible. You can find us in the following social networks: Global profiles Brazilian profiles

Our goals and challenges

Goals We want to provide: Free, high-quality education to everyone Practical learning experiences to allow everyone to have a better income A better understanding of how science works and why it'

Our values

We believe everything we do should contribute to make our society a better place - and every decision we make should not break our core values: All knowledge should be free, open, and accessible to